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VoIP phone system to revolutionize your startup's communication

Discover how to implement phone systems for startups with these tried-and-true techniques that will revolutionize your communication and advance your company.

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High-impact companies, including quickly expanding startups and renowned institutions, have confidence in our phone system for startups.

Why Emerald Telecom is used by startups


To prioritize leads, share an incoming sales number and log your phone activities in your CRM.

HR / Talent

Make calls or texts to applicants while keeping your personal number private and separating work and personal calls.


Review calls, voicemails, and texts all in one place by sharing a single support mailbox.


Protect your personal phone number from constant telemarketing calls and listen to chats in shared inboxes.

Main company number

With phone menus and auto-replies, you can appear more established. You may even share your primary number and divide the answering chores.

Customer Success

Give your VIP clients a special support line, and record your calls so you can have a record of the specifics.
“After assessing six or seven additional vendors, we discovered that only Emerald Telecom checked every criterion. Simply put, it’s far better. In order to answer client calls promptly, we adore employing the round-robin option, which calls other employees if someone is unavailable.”

Cynthia Thomas
Director of Claims Experience at Cab Treasure

Get unique or shared phone numbers

Give colleagues their own numbers, allow them access to any number, or do both when creating or porting an unlimited number of phone numbers for each team, location, or person.
Get unique or shared phone numbers
View all interactions in one location​

View all interactions in one location

View all of a contact’s messages, calls, and voicemails in one place, and use shared numbers to reply to calls and texts or to make comments.

Sync and personalize your contacts

You can always know who is calling by syncing contacts with your CRM or other systems. Additionally, team members can sync notes, custom properties, and contact information.

Sync and personalize your contacts

A strong, shared phone system made to expand with your business's needs

then automate.

In order to sync contacts, track discussions, and analyze calls, Emerald Telecom connects to your preferred tools.

Add Emerald Telecom to your community or portfolio

In order to help businesses expand more quickly, we collaborate with accelerators, VCs, incubators, and advisers. By offering special discounts to new Emerald Telcom clients, you may assist the businesses in your network.
Add Emerald Telecom to your community or portfolio

The best business phone, as rated by modern teams

With over 1,100 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars, it’s no wonder Emerald Telecom constantly takes home top honors for both product excellence and client pleasure.

The best business phone, as rated by modern teams
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